Announcing Google Glass And How Backlinks Affect SEO

Be up to date with innovations in Search Engine Optimization. Dubai  SEO specialist James Reynolds has packed this edition with a lot of goodies: we talk about backlinks, how they affect SEO ranking, how we measure their effectiveness, and what factors affect are in play. We also talk about how Google, in their effort to push themselves forward as a knowledge engine, has talked about their new product Google Glass. What is it and what’s in store for the end user?

In this Video:

00:16 – The Big Google News
00:35 – Google Glass functions
01:01 – “OK Glass”
01:30 – Google as a Knowledge Engine
02:01 – Google’s personalized results
02:38 – How does this relate to SEO?
03:02 – “How many backlinks are included in your packages?”
03:24 – Why is this a bad metric to measure?
03:49 – There are so many other factors involved
04:04 – Not all links are equal
04:23 – Link Authority
05:01 – Link Relevancy
05:17 – Link Diversity



In this week’s SEO news, Google have released their ground breaking new technology- we report on that, and we discuss why not all backlinks are equal.

So, the big Google news over the last 10 days or so is the release of their news video, What Glass Feels Like, and this is the video they’re using to promote their forthcoming release of the Google kind of augmented reality Glasses that are really a blend of Apple’s Siri with their voice activation, and Google Search. So what functions does this thing have? It has things like translation, it will activate direction, if you are out and about and get lost, and of course it will have Google search, a camera, and of course video conferencing, all within this neat little piece of eyewear, that looks just like a trendy pair of glasses. All of these functions are activated by the command OK Glass. You can just say, OK Glass give me directions to Dubai internet city, and in the inside of the glass, the direction will be displayed for you. It really is a cutting edge piece of technology that is very much in line with Google’s movement really from being just an information engine to being this whole knowledge engine that integrates with your daily life.

Now already Google are far down the road on becoming a knowledge engine. For instance go into Google Search and just put in the word Weather and Google will return for you the seven day forecast for the location that you’re searching in. You can also ask Google intelligent questions like what is the height of the Empire State Building, and it will return those results along with related information that Google think that you may be interested in.

I am also privy to some developments that are on the way that Google such as personalized results. Google will make suggestions for you based on the websites that you’ve visited in the past, where you’re currently located and where you plan to be located based on your calendar. So for instance, Google might know that you’re travelling to London next week, and that you enjoy cricket, it might suggest some cricket related websites, some ticketing information for the next test match at Lourdes. It really is the development in Google and Google Glass is very much in line with this – bringing a personalized search experience into your everyday life.

So, how does this relate to SEO? I think the more Google is infused into our day to day activities, the more it is going to be used. So that means you have to be Google friendly, and make sure when people are searching for any topic matter relating to your business, that you are at the forefront and that Google recognizes you as an authority in your marketplace and returns you in your results.

why not all backlinks are equal watermark

I’m often asked by prospective customers, who in an attempt to evaluate our services in comparison to others ask us, how many backlinks are included in your packages? Well, if you are asking this question of us, or any other SEO provider, then you’re asking the wrong question.So why do I consider this to be a bad metric to evaluate the quality of an SEO package?

Well, for one, any company that lists the number of backlinks in their package will have a tendency to bump up those numbers with cheap or spammy links that could result from your website getting de indexed from the results. Whilst SEO is heavily influenced by backlinks, there are so many other factors involved; on page SEO, quality content, social factors, and citations – all of these influence your site and if they are not considered by a provider then you really not got going to get strong SEO with good results that sticks.Number three, simply put, not all links are equal. You cannot compare apples to apples when it comes to backlinks.

Let us look at some factors that influence the site. The first factor is link authority. That’s essentially an assessment of the reputation that the webpage linking to you has. Now if we are to look at this on a graded scale, the value of a PR0 link would be one, the value of a PR1 link would be six, and the value of a PR2 link would be 36, etc. etc. The return that you get for each link increases by multiples as you go up from PR1 to PR2, to PR3, to PR4 etc. so you really cannot consider the value of all links to be remotely equal.

The second factor is link relevancy. When you have links from websites that are related on topic to your website that has more value to Google because they see you as being influencer in you marketplace. The third factor is link diversity. Simply put, that means you want more links from more websites- If you have one link from 10 different websites that has more value to you than 10 links from one website. Why? Because that means you have more influence over a greater number of sites – The greater the number of referring websites, the better that is for you.

Lastly, in this week’s news, we have been increasing capacity here in SEO Sherpa by taking on more team members. We probably got about 25% more capacity right now than we had one month ago, so if you are looking to get started today in ranking your website, then right about now is a very good time. Hit us up at and we are ready to get started on your project.

This is James Reynolds at, I hope you have enjoyed this week’s news, I will see you again next week.

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