Dubai SEO Company Reveals How Google+ Can Move You Up The Ranks

Social media has proven time and again that it is a powerful tool in getting the word out, and thus helping with popularity. In this news, Dubai SEO Company CEO James Reynolds shows how you can utilize your Google+ profile to increase your website’s ranking.

In this News:

00:21 – The New Digital Age is coming in April
00:40 – Google + profiles get you higher ranking
01:01 – Google is taking offline Authorship online
01:34 – Google has enhanced image search
01:59 – Image SEO is really important
02:25 – Images should be set up so Google can index them
02:55 – The One Mistake that happens time and time again
03:08 – What is good Meta Keyword practice?
03:36 – Good Meta Keyword practice is definitely better than Bad practice
04:12 – Why is SEO Sherpa consistently getting strong results?
04:40 – Traffic Jam Podcast has gone live!

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In this week’s SEO news, have Google finally confirmed that Google Plus profiles result in higher rank? We’re talking about the new Google image search feature, and the one big mistake that I have seen come up time and time again, and how you can avoid it.

Eric Schmidt, the Google boss has been in the news this week and that’s because he has a book coming out this April titled “The New Digital Age.” In addition to some rather scathing remarks about Twitter that involved Shakespeare and monkeys, Schmidt seemed to reinforce that Google Plus profiles will result in you ranking higher. That means if you verify your profile with the Rel Author Status, your result will appear higher. This backs up what I reported back in May last year, when I spoke to Amit Singhal who indeed said that Google had tried to take offline auto ship online and give people with high status and authority in their marketplace preference in the results. So if you haven’t so done yet, go register your Google Plus profile, verify it as a Rel Author and then make sure that content is linked to your profile. Not only will you get a nice picture next to your listings, but as Google are now saying, your results will appear higher.

Google+ Lifts You Higher

Staying with Google, they have come out with their enhanced image search feature which now allows you to view all of the images that you searched inside Google search within one pane. It means you don’t have to click from the results on to another page to see the image results. This is going to result in a faster, smoother user experience for image search and I think it is likely going to increase the number of people who’s going to use the feature. So now, more than ever, Image SEO is really, really important.

What does that mean? It starts with good, quality images on your site. No longer can you scrape images from Google results and go place them on your website. You need high quality original images or at least images that you have the rights to use. So that means those that come from an image library that you buy the rights to use again on your website.

Further more than that make sure that all your images are set up to help Google index them. That means labeling your file name with a description that describes the image and you make sure that it’s got a unique title and alt description. It’s going to help Google list your images in the results and make you get a bit more traffic.

This week, I’ve been helping the team out in SEOSherpa website audit and there’s been one mistake that I have seen happen time and time again and that’s the stuffing of meta keywords on the site. In one instance, I saw a site with a 181 Meta keywords in one single page. That’s just balmy!

What is good Meta keywords practice? You should limit the use of meta keywords to about 5 or 6 per page and they should be descriptive of the content that’s on that page. Ideally, those keywords should also be placed in the content but you can use variations. Does this have a big impact on SEO? It may not get you increased rank, but it’s definitely is the case to say that good Meta keywords is going to do you more favors than bad Meta keywords practice. So don’t try to stuff keywords in there, make sure they are relevant and help Google again determine what it is about by using the keywords that are relevant on the page.

Talking of results, we have a whole batch of new results come in this week and they’re still as strong as ever. We’re shifting sites from pages down the results to the first page with results that stick. Now why is that? While many other SEO providers are floundering and going out of business, how can we consistently get strong results? It’s because we do things the way Google want –that’s high quality content on your website, promoted with high quality human content, human written content offsite to help Google find the website that you’ve got. Of course this takes a lot of resource and that is why we are able to consistently get results while others can’t.

In other news, we’ve gone live with the Traffic Jam Podcast, that’s the weekly podcast where I report back on everything that’s going on in traffic. It’s not just SEO, it’s Facebook, it’s media, it’s press releases, YouTube – all of these different places and I’ve got these fantastic guests on the show in these coming weeks.

If you’ve not done so already, please check out the first episode with my good friend Victoria Gibson from Facebook agency Marveo. It’s about a 45 minute podcast packed with great content so head on over to and check that out.

This has been James Reynolds with another SEO update, I’ll see you again next week.

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      Hey Mike, Lead player creates the stream lined player with opt in. We then use a custom thumbnail image for the title